Top 5 Dental Emergencies


A dental emergency can happen any time and anywhere. It is very crucial to get ready with the situation. More importantly, you need to know how to handle it to avoid more complications. Proper first treatment will minimize the damage and reduce the pain before you meet emergency dentist. Hereby I’d like to inform you top 5 dental emergencies you need to consider.

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Pain in the mouth can happen because of different factors. But the most common cause is a toothache. If you are able to find the pain’s source, your home emergency would focus on it. Check whether your teeth has hole or not. Once you found it, saturating cotton ball with oil of cloves and place it into the hole or lost filling. You need to stay away from too hot or too cold drink or food. If you like to eat sweets, hold it for a while. Call an emergency dentist as soon as possible to get an appointment. He or she can determine the most appropriate advanced treatment for your teeth condition.


Soft Tissue Injury


Soft tissue injury can make your teeth in pain. Gums can be damaged and lead to bleeding. If it happens to you, you need to take care of it as soon as possible. First of all, dissolve salt in the water. Rinse your mouth with the salt water. Then you can add a tea bag to the bleeding part and leave it for 15 minutes. To decrease the pain, you can use cold compress from outside mouth. If the injury continues, you have to rush to your emergency dentist.


Painful Tooth after Bitting A Hard Stuff


When you have a dinner, you probably accidentally bit a hard object. This may crack your tooth. With this condition, you will experience sudden pain. While waiting for your emergency dentist commencing, you can compress your tooth by using cold compress to reduce the pain. To avoid this condition, you can avoid eating hard stuff. While in treatment, don’t drink cold beverages. Avoid too hot foods.


Wisdom-Tooth Infection


Wisdom tooth infection is usually caused by stuck food or bacteria under a gum flap. You may experience entrapment of food and that is the common cause of this condition. Wisdom tooth infection is not so hard to overcome. When you feel pain, the most appropriate way to reduce the pain is by rinsing it with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Do twice or more until the pain is reduced. I have had this happen in the past and I’m glad I had checked out ahead of time where there was an emergency dentist near me.




It is an infection in your teeth. You need to take care of it immediately to prevent the spread. You can reduce the pain by rinse it with salt water for several times.